Kenyan Menu Out!

Needless to say we were really looking forward discovering Kenyan food. We have a wide variety of international restaurants in Paris and London, but we barely go to Eastern African restaurants. So Kenyan food was a big question mark for us. We were really curious to discover the traditions and the influences of the local cuisine.

We realized that through history, Kenyan food has been influenced by rather different cultures, but mainly Indian and Arabic. When you try a Chiapati, the local bread, it feels really close to the Indian Nan. The same goes for the Chicken Buryani.

But limiting Kenyan food to copycats would be unfair, as the vast variety of tribes that now reside in the country (47 different ethnic groups for the last estimate) all have their own specificities. It can be a very different diet, such as Maasai that mostly eat meat and milk (plus blood!) considering their cattle growing lifestyle, but it could also relate to different ways of eating. For example Kikuyu mostly eat dishes with all the elements (meat, sukuma wiki, rice) mixed together, as other tribes will have it separately. Some tribes have tea with milk and a lot of sugar, some like it plain.

So take a look at our Kenyan menu and enjoy!

See HERE !


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