Nepal Menu and Video out!

After a long break, we’re back with our latest video: Nepal! A huge thanks to Prakriti Thapa for helping out with a great number of amazing tips! Big kisses to our hiking friends Audrey Sau & Hugo Landel. Et petit clin d’oeil à Amaury Hubi Donat, alias MOMO, à la minute 1:48 … For full…

Dish of the day: Spanish wedding menu

A delicious dinner thanks to our very special friends. We did it the spanish way: starting the cocktail at 9.30pm and the dinner at midnight. A succulent experience! 

Drink of the day : Cremat

We are back! And after having tried some delicious rhum in Cuba, we continue with a Catalan specialty. It is composed of rhum, coffee, lemon, cinnamon, coffee beans and sugar cane! You warm it up and burn part of the alcool, a very entertaining part giving the cocktail a special taste, a must try! 

Dish of the day: Sancocho de res

A very traditional Colombian dish, from Bogota region. A very filling stew, or “pot au feu” of beef, with a soup made with plantain, potato, cassava and maize. Add rice, avocado and arepa on top! Delicious for a last dish in this surprising country.

Bye bye colombia…

Colombia was awesome! We had a fantastic time discovering the diversified culinary culture, influenced by creole, indigenous and regional cuisines, making it unique and delicious! We are now heading to Cuba, after a last sip of Colombian coffee at Juan Valdez, the local Starbucks and a global coffee brand. We might not be able to…


Guajira is a Colombian region located at the tip of South America. This beautiful area is mostly desertic and is home to the Wayuu, the indigenous population. This remote place offers fantastic landscapes, from cactus desert to Sand dunes, with a wild and charming coast. A must see in Colombia as it it very different…

Dish of the day: Chivo guisado con coco

A goat “ragout” in a coco sauce, with a lot of sides! A delicious local dish from the Guajira region, one of our favourite so far! Who knew goat could be so good??!

Dish of the day: Cayeye

Colombia’s very own soul food! Mashed Guineos (a type of green plantain) with sauted tomates, onions and garlic – here served with shrimps on top! A very traditional and delicious dish, and good start to discover the northernest part of the Colombian Caribean coast.

Dish of the day: Mondongo

A signature dish of the Andean region in Colombia. It is a pork, tripe and chorizo soup that is served with rize, avocados and bananas… It is considered as a complete meal, not a dish! And it is indeed filling!

Dish of the day: Bandeja Paisa

A typical Sunday Colombian brunch. Frijoles (Red beans), avocado, grilled pork, chorizo, rice, arepa (a kind of corn bread) and fried plantain!! Very rich in protein and quite intense but the perfect dish to start a long day! 

Dish of the day: Fritada

A very typical Ecuadorian dish. Fried pork with Llapingachos (fried potato cakes), boiled white maize, avocado and pickled tomatoed and onions. It is usually served with fried ripe plantain, but not this time! Definitely delicious!

Dish of the day: Guinea pig

This is a very traditional dish, found in Peru and Ecuador. It is often consumed for celebrations and special occasions. The Guinea pig is slowly roasted and served with roasted and boiled maize, a perfect side dish. Tasty but not our favourite!