Deep in Brittany’s countryside lived two man, Yvon and Pierre. These were the last to hold out against the industrialisation of cider. As they offered to show us how to prepare the precious magic potion in the back of their garage, we knew this opportunity would be like not other.


In theory, any French person should know how to prepare a galette (or buckwheat pancake). Matthieu will thus try to perform at his very best to show you how to prepare these typical crepes from Brittany.


Meet Nicolas Hubert, who’s dream was to give back to caramel the nobility it once had. Both him and his wife, Caroline, have worked for long years in star-michelin restaurants as confectioners and have certain affinity for quality ingredients and craft products. Their recipes have been developped over the years to reach the perfect combination of taste and sweetness.

Caramel is a beige to dark-brown confectionary product made by heating a variety of sugars. It’s a typical French product from Brittany (North-West of France).


For our first video on France, we couldn’t help talking about Wine!
In this video:
1. What is a cooperative winery?
2. How do you actually make good wine?
3. Why do French people drink so much wine?
All of this explained by Anael Payrou, director of the cooperative winery “le cellier des demoiselles”